ˮCloud Nationˮ Scholarship | Apply Now!

With the internet revolution, we are accustomed to creating and even working online in virtual spaces. All personal and working communication is transferred online and we operate with many clouds and information. Our company is helping people get premium expired domains. We from ACBE deliver great expired or expiring domains with strong backlinks for every budget available. Domains are checked for any possible problems, so we can assure the best available quality for our clients.

Since we are working in this field, we are also encouraging young people to expand their knowledge about it by including them into essay competitions on various topics under the name ˮCloud Nationˮ. Our annual scholarship’s essay competition for 2017/2018 is now open and we are ready to receive applications.

What criteria should I fulfill?

If you are a student of any university in the world, no matter the field of study, you are able to apply for the scholarship. Make sure to submit the following documents so that we can consider your application:

–   a proof of a college enrollment for the current year;

–   a short biography with personal and professional data.

The previous scholarship winner cannot apply again. Applying for our scholarship is free of charge.

What are the essay requirements?

Cloud Nation’s topic this year is about future of studying and working transformation through cloud technology. Think about a unique essay headline on this topic and write about how you imagine the studying and working environment in the next years. Keep in mind that useful and accurate facts about cloud revolution will be perfect. Read about the essay formatting:

–   The essay should be at least 900 words long, written in Times New Roman, font size 12.

–   Send the essay in word or PDF format.

–   Submit an essay to an email scholarship@acbe.eu.

Make sure your subject line has a scholarship name and your name and surname!

Application deadline is April 2nd.

We are going to publish the results on April 10th. With the submission of all essays, we keep the right to publish them on our website.

The winning essay will receive the main prize – 1000$ which will be mailed to a winner as a check.

All private data submitted with the application are kept safe and not revealed to third parties.

We wish luck to all candidates!